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On Black Restoration, Ecology & Grounded Theories

I’ve been at a disconnect from things lately. Things meaning materials. And I’ve been tapping into this constant tugging that’s been at my soul to reconnect with nature. This has included endless nights up reading bell hooks, analyzing Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust, spending time in nature and meditating and thinking about how all this richness, naturalness and lushness of the Earth contributes to black restoration and transformative social change. Our ancestors were people of the Earth who used the earth to heal, practice self-care, create bonds, etc. I’ve been thinking about how we can restore that tradition of Earth loving as a way to dismantle environmental racism which many of the race, class and gender systems of oppression were built upon. hooks talked about how in order for us to heal ourselves from the internalized white-supremacist assumptions about us, we must also speak about restoring our connection to the natural world. What’s your dreams without imperialism and capitalism?

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